Local area maps are posted at light rail stations show nearby buses

Neighborhood map detail

Station vicinity map featuring nearby points of interest

Core transit network map conveys information about frequent routes in a simplified diagrammatic form. The schematic style serves to emphasize connectivity within the system.

Every map began as a pencil sketch

Transit mode icons

Proposed sign family

Proposed bus stop signage

Bus stop panels show more abstracted route maps

Detailed design guidelines


Transit wayfinding and information system for Pittsburg's regional transit agency. 

The Port Authority of Allegheny county (PAAC) is responsible for the operation of public transit including bus and rail services in Pennsylvania's second-largest metropolitan area. The agency hired CHK to come up with a comprehensive solution for the display of travel information in Pittsburgh and to maintain and update the information and wayfinding products over a period of several years.

PAAC's main requirement was to create a unified, consistently branded graphic system that would be deployed across the entire region. I was appointed as a lead designer and cartographer tasked with developing graphic standards, map and information displays. In keeping with CHK's philosophy, I created a family of products that combine pedestrian wayfinding with intuitive transit information products. From bus stop signage to pedestrian maps  to rail schedules, these products work together to allow complete trip planning from any given point along the route.